Wednesday, March 18, 2015

She seeks wool and flax and works willingly

 with her hands. ~Proverbs 31:13

Easter is almost HERE!!!! Wow! it's been a long time since I updated my blog! And
so many things have been happening.  I've opened a booth at the Quilted Bear at the 
Newgate Mall in Ogden which is doing well and is pictured below.  I'm actually think-
ing of opening a second booth.  I'm doing well on the Etsy market still which is awe-
some and have new things in stock every week.  I've opened up the Jewelry side of 
things and, oh yes, AND I've been sewing and sewing! 

Like this little Chick? He will
be an Easter Bag.  Cute huh?

 Easter bags from scraps and leftovers are a wonderful project for you if you are a sewist... if you are a buyer, then try to remember that these little things are still costly to our sewists to make, in time, fabric and the little extras we put into them to make them just that little bit more special.  Enjoy your sewing time and be sure to save those scraps sewists!  Look at how small these little scraps were. And they turned out some cute Bunnies.  Put a little grass in this little bag and the hunt is on!

Enchanting Embroidery online has some really beautiful things and I got this great design from that shop. I love how the eyes stand out in this embroidery... what's more, I got to learn a new stitch to frame each piece of the design on the pillow.  The pillow also has a long zipper in it's bottom and is stuffed with a super soft insert. It's for sale and really wonderful.  Definitely a great Easter Pillow!

These are packages of Jewelry items getting prepared for the store... The packing was done by yours truly and Wayne who helped me with inventory.  We have them all numbered and tracked with security devices.   I've got some pretty pieces here!

This Necklace and earrings are made entirely from the bowl of a spoon.

These earrings are made from spoon handles. Aren't they gorgeous?

They have necklaces to match! The chain is Italian silver as are the findings.

Here is the  BOOTH at the Quilted Bear....Wow! It's like a dream!  

There is Lady Victoria showing off her doilies... and my Book of Mormons and Pillows. While up higher are the necklaces and earrings showing to what I hope is "advantage".  One little bunny table runner there... and some Easter bags...

A cute puppy pillow...sewn for my cousin. This pattern was found on Enchanting Embroideries also.

Book of Mormon Fabric with white handles.  Lots of requests for this fabric so I developed another fabric similar to it.

This is the template for the new fabric... I'll post a picture of the fabric when it comes in on the 24th.
It's pretty fun.

A new personalized Quad.

Well, That's about it for this month, I've shared a new Embroidery shop and my own new "shop" and things I've been interested in and working on.  I'm so excited about the new fabric I've designed... OH>>> here is a picture of that!!!  OH yeah, already showed you that.... Well... I'm excited about it... what can I say?  Can't wait to show you the FABRIC when it comes into the shop!  

About the shop... Many of you might be curious about the shop and what it looks like... WELL. It's a mess right now...  But... well,  WHEN I have it under control.. pictures will make their way onto the blog. (I hope)  Thanks for your support and I hope you found something that helped you in your quest for sewing enrichment or for something fun and original to purchase at the Quilted Bear or on Etsy at: Sew-Brina

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

So here's a little of what I've been up to of late:
Oh, and here's a picture of me, in case you've forgotten who I am:  Yeah, that old lady...I won't say how old I am... but sixty isn't far off!  whoa!!!

Yeah, I'm showing off a necklace I made for the dedication of the Ogden, Utah, Temple.  
I make jewelry... I say that a little softly because I'm not very good at it
yet and I only do stamping and stuff like that.

But I'm having fun and stamping on metal is harder than you'd imagine! 
LOL.  Here's a bracelet I did and there's some other stuff below.

A Bent Fork necklace... 

And a pretty spoon necklace.  Fun!

Didn't realize how fun stamping jewelry was!  I love it!  
I have all sorts of stamps and jewelry making equipment now.  What a blast!

Still doing a lot of sewing, (OF COURSE)!!! as the next several pictures will atest...some are re-do's and some are new but I hope you'll like looking at them all.

The one  above is a new one on the block. A cover for the pocket sized Book of Mormon.. A whole new design!  Or, rather, a shrink thing... LOL

This one with the lace is fun. I love lace! I'm always looking for beautiful doilies and lace in thrift or antique shops.  You too?

More lace - this time new lace.  Can't get enough of it!
And Bows!

Scored! Antique tea pots! I've got a collection of them! I ADORE them!

AND!!! I have MORE! Well, of course I do!

And of course I have more...  Not shown... 

Antique Salt Shakers turned into candle sticks... Precious!

Tiny little Accessories revamped for the Princess in YOUR house! 

Almost all these fun things are found on my Etsy site at:

Or right here on the upper right side of this page.  

Soon to come:  The bed linens I actually BOUGHT 
(yes I bought them - but they were on sale!) 
and I want to show off...  LOL

Sunday, March 16, 2014

I Saw a Bug! That Means it's SPRING!

I actually DID see a bug, though it was a Box Elder bug and they're nearly omnipresent in Utah! Anyhow, I'm taking it as a good sign even though Spring in Eden so far has just translated into MUD in a big way.  Ah, well, a girl can Dream can't she? LOL

Speaking of Dreaming... Cast your eyes on these cute DREAM pillows! I confess I saw something like them somewhere, but I can't remember where. Maybe in a magazine or at a shop.  I think they are DREAMY and I love the way they turned out.  
They are Machine Embroidered with pillow forms inside and come in all different sizes.   
You can find your special dreamy pillows at my Etsy 
shop here: Sew-Brina 
The rather romantic pillow below is also in my shop.  I have had a time trying to find the right flower for it!  The one below is too ivory... and the one in the next picture is too BIG... so I left it without a flower until I make a flower the right size for it. LOL.... it's a process!

The flower is great but I think it's too Ivory colored for this piece.  So back to the drawing board...

Too big!  But Beware!  You'll see a ridiculous amount of these in my shop.  I found the pattern in a pattern called Punch & Cookies by the people at Sew Much Good.  You can find their tutorial on this flower here: Sew Much Good.   It's a great tute
and it makes the flower super easy to make.  Just remember the ridiculous amount of them I'll be making if you aren't exactly
"flower" friendly.  LOL
It looks lovely without a flower! However, I'll keep trying since I want to try out making those flowers in different sizes anyway!

This flower is almost perfect... don't you love the lace peeking out?

This Bunny Tote is so fun because I was just using up scraps from my scrap buckets (yes, there are more than one, is that a bad thing? LOL)  And wasn't I glad I'd kept those scraps?  I've got to tell you, KEEP your scraps, no matter how small!  I had a fabric seller on Etsy send not only my fabric but a handful of carefully cut and colorful scraps.  They were such a nice surprise!  What a lovely thing to do for a crafter!  She went up on my list, you can be sure! And Bunny here has a few of her scraps in his ears!  This Tote is lined in such a soft pink and white polka dot.  It's very sweet.

Hi there! Yes, you are peeking at my very old and slightly more romantic couch with it's beautiful things upon it.  You'll notice a lace scripture cover  on my scriptures there... and the Lace collar that I picked up for a song at some yard sale...

Can  you see all the laces I have draped over this chair?
And the doilies in that old tin bucket?  I love finding vintage doilies and antique shopping.  I think that old bucket lends the perfect contrast to those beautiful old frills.  You can also see my other bunny bags there, waiting to be sold.  They may have to wait until next Easter! (Or go to a lucky Grandchild!)

No I'm not just showing off my old Singer again..(Though it's so pretty who could resist a chance to show it off?) This is a sewing caddy that's ready for sale.  It's really cute and has pockets to put everything from A to Z. Funny, I was trying to come up with an "A" sewing term and all I could think was antipasto... and that's food!  I must be hungry! LOL.

Applique is one of my newer skills and I've been practicing... this heart has many pieces applique'd into it's shape.  I've loved doing it and though it's a challenge, it's fun! This and the bag below it are both done with the applique technique. It's funny, I just started out on each of these, testing out the applique pattern... but was able to turn them into something useful or beautiful.  I recommend both trying your patterns out and making sure that you "try" them on something large enough to be useful. You never know what fun you can have with a "test" pattern sew out!

And that's the end for today... of course it isn't today anymore... it's tomorrow... which makes me one sleepy blogger... isn't it always that way?  It is in my house because sewing gets the most attention... :Well, everyone, leave your comments.  Why?  Because it gets lonely in here!  Hope you'll refer a friend or two to my site. Or at least to my Etsy site?  That would be super!  

Tips And Tricks...For the Crafter.

1. Did you know that you can sharpen scissors by cutting sand paper? Wow!
2. Use Cereal boxes as small "bolt's" for fabric storage, or put beautiful paper or fabric on them for simple magazine holders, or to house your various scrap book papers.

3. Along that same line of thought, one can also use the large boxes which diapers come in to make large decorative storage boxes... a great idea for a Scrapbooker or a Sewist!

4.a.Pill bottles can be used as small sewing canisters you can toss in your purse or travel case.  Just fill it with a needle, a scrap of cardboard, you've gotten from one of the above ideas, LOL and wrap tan, black and white thread around it. You might even be able to include a small seam ripper.  Several safety pins would be a plus. And there you'd have a nice little sewing kit...
b.Or you could use them to put old broken or bent or used needles in.  Did you know that it's important to change your sewing machine's needle for every 8 hours of use?  Those old needles could find a great hideaway in these pill bottles until you are ready to throw it out and then they won't injure you or anyone else when you throw out the trash.
c. They can contain small snaps and buttons.
d. You can keep fresh sewing needles in them, making sure you mark them plainly so that you know what kind of needle you are getting.
e. Small beads, just glue a sample of your bead to the lid.
f. Keep small things like paper clips in them.

5. Wax paper has a kazillion (as my granddaughter likes to say) uses, but here are a few that were nearly new to me.
a. Cut through wax paper to lubricate your scissors or punches.
b. Rub them on garden tools to lubricate them and keep them from getting as much stuck on soil and prevent rust.
c. lay wax paper on the  very top of tall cabinets where dust and grease accumulate for an easier clean up.

6. Upcycle any container that looks like it might be useful.  You can re-use Crystal Light containers for pens, markers, crayons, (just remember not to leave crayons out in your car in heat) paint brushes, buttons, beads, scissors,  etc.

7. Empty tic tac containers can hold a variety of things..
from extra batteries for your camera to hair pins. Spices when you are camping, ribbon rolled up and coming out the top. Small parts and pieces you need and use.  It can hold glitter, beads,sewing kit.  

8. This 2 liter bottle can be cut to make many useful things in the craft room.  One great use is to cut the bottom off and use it with it's natural dividers for painting.    Wow, this was just a jumble of tricks and tips I threw together... I hope you get some use out of it!